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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outrageously Westie 29/365

A 'choice as' visit to the Auckland Museum and the 'Outrageous Fortune' exhibition - leopard skin galore and all things Westie!

A fascinating exhibit demonstrating the growth of our favourite Westie show and family - from conception, ideas, planning, design, wardrobe, screen tests, make-up, props AND yes....the iconic front room of the Wests complete with grandads chair and leopard print oven gloves!

A must see for ALL Outrageous Fortune fans and for anyone interested in scripting and screen plays it's an amazing insight into how a show is created from concept to filming, ideas slapped onto butcher paper, character plans, prop design [everything from the beer to the bread has been redesigned] and character development and interaction etc

A 'choice' as outing!

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