I will endeavor to take 1 amazing photo per day for the WHOLE year starting in January 2013 [already completed 2011 cept missed one day - who knows where? fell short of a few months in 2012]

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Green explosion! 7/365

A belated parcel arrives from UK with the added bonus of green packing sponges strewn everywhere!


  1. Great shots! Good to see your teacher is in training like I am! Can't wait to see the kids from each classroom take over! :)

  2. Great shot! What was in the parcel? I look forward to seeing your students shots as well. I am going to do it with my students too so we must collaborate on it. I have yr 5/6.

  3. Got a t-towel of the periodic table of not so cool words and a gorgeous candle holder that hangs from the ceiling! Love belated b'day and Christmas presents from my bro!
    Definitely get our guys to comment and share their photos!