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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Born 12/365

Not my favourite pastime...well they all look so red and wrinkly and ......well old manish really. Today's event was seeing my friend, after she promised NOT to make me hold the baby. Still it was amazing to see a new baby boy born on 30th Dec 2010 [less than 2 weeks old] to see how long his fingers and feet were, how soft his skin was, how alert he already was and so well behaved too - even with the nappy change that he clearly did not like but cried so minimally I was quite blown away. So welcome to the world Lucas John - thanks Michelle for an awesome visit and not making me hold him!


  1. What a cute little man.Photos like this bring out the Nana in me."I want to cuddle him".

  2. He looks very interested in that camera dangling above him. I love how he's looking directly at you.