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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chinese Checkers 18/365

A wet and blustery day in Coromandel Town...what else is there to do but learn to play Chinese Checkers. Gilly's Dad taught me this strategic game of planning ahead and keeping track of your marbles, pretty sure I lost mine half way through the game when we started using two colours each! Graham managed to beat me a few times...but an awesome game all the same [I did get my own back later by thrashing him at Uno - clearly m kind of game]
Continuing to practice macro here - discovered it has a very shallow depth of field - need to work out how to rectify that business.

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  1. Great shot. I like the colours and think it would be less effective if the depth of field was wider. Your eye is drawn to the centre of the picture. I also like the muted colours.