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Monday, April 4, 2011

New addition to the class 94/365

The year 4's were fascinated with the surprise addition to Room 22 - a kindly parent brought in a chrysalis on a wee plant. Every time it jiggled the children got very excited that it was going to open up. The tension builds.....the interest can be seen on their fascinated faces here, nicely captured by Neha


  1. that is a very nice chrysalis and I very like Faizah and Stephanie's face!!!!!!


  2. WOW i hope that the butterfly comes out of its chrysalis.The expression on Faaizah and Stephanie's face is funny.Very good photo Neha.

    Chantelle :)

  3. Chauntelle Jasmine stephani and Faaizah look at your faces those feelings make me shoked while looking at that chrysalis. Tamanna

  4. It looks like stephanie is just frezzing as still as a brick and it is a funny face.Atalia