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Friday, April 8, 2011

Golf skills 98/365

Room 22 and Room 8 went out onto the field and... We started to do golf! Our golf teacher was called Vicki she is such an amazing golf teacher and she was as nice as a flower. First she taught us some safety skill's, it was because she bought a real golf stick. So she didn't want us to get hit or any thing like that. We had these flag's that she said we had to wave to her car and to the Rugby post. 
Then we finely got to do the proper golf! What she taught us to do was face to the black base, then get the BIG ball and put it in front of it, then we had to do the tennis ball and rubber golf ball because if she bought a real one we would might hit someone else. How far I hit it was my biggest was up to the blue cone which is 3 points.
By Abigail 

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