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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ivy and light shades 111/365

Loving the look of the Ivy at the Cidery in Bridgetown with the light glowing through them - good beer too!


  1. I really like this picture because the leaves are different colour's.

  2. Wow what a wonderful seeing i like how u have sun and some blue and lots of other ones.
    They look very very nice

  3. the laves are so cluer file

    from andrew

  4. great pitcher i love the leaves they all go togehter.And the branches all curl up beautifuly.The sun is shining on the leaves that you can see the vains shining through.great job guys you did well.

  5. I like this picture because it is colourful and beauituful.

  6. All the leaves blend in and as the light shines through the magnifacent leaves you can see lots of twisty braches it looks great. I LOVE all the coulers red yellow orange and brown its so divine, it's a gorwges sight I LOVE IT.

    Kiana :)