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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A whole pile of interesting wotsits 36/365

My first [and possibly last] foray into the world of Car boot sales - what a fascinating phenomenon! The people....totally fascinating to watch and wonder why they purchase that which to all intents and purposes is 'junk'. A most amazing place for people watching and catching up with some awesome mates who are 'old hats' at this and know how to 'play the game'!

This was the shot of the day with the old codger carrying a dolly by it's head around the sales...perusing everything!

Dig the piles of 'junk' and the tattooed chick surveying the wares!


  1. don't say last! It's fun! You got to do it again.

  2. I love that pic of the old guy - i would put that in a book....