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Monday, September 12, 2011

Serious Talent 254/365

Junmin played his violin for us today. We were all very impressed with how well he can play and read music. He was very fast with his hands on the bow. He showed us how he puts resin on the bow hair to make it slide across the strings. He told us the bow hair is made from horses tail hair.
Photo by Stephanie


  1. That is what you call serious talent and when I say serious talent I don't mean serious talent I mean "SERIOUS TALENT"
    By your good friends Gabe and Ray

  2. cool song, Jun min. You know that I like that song?
    How many years did you learn violin?
    Well,keep learning violin and show us other piece of music again.
    See ya.

  3. I like how you did it as worms eye view Stephanie.

    by Kirsten

  4. Wow Jung min that was an amazing talent you got there.The teachers are right you should play your violin in our assembly. Tamanna:-)